Spectrum is a physician-led network, dedicated to closing Oklahoma's care gap

A different approach...

     Spectrum Healthcare Solutions is a network of providers who are committed to improving transitional care and shrinking gaps in care. Although Oklahoma is currently far behind national trends for 30-day readmission rates, we at Spectrum are dedicated to changing this trend.


     Our providers bridge the gap between acute care and post-acute care settings, which enables a smooth transition of care and limits negative outcomes during these vulnerable transitions. 


     While patients are being cared for in the hospital, they are assessed daily by a variety of healthcare providers, but upon returning to their communities from in-patient facilities, their care often suffers. The typical "skilled nursing model" in Oklahoma generally relies on a single provider who is only in the building once a week, creating large gaps in care.


     Our innovative model ensures patients are seen in a timely manner and any transition of care concerns are addressed promptly. To accomplish this goal, Spectrum has pioneered innovative ways to improve patient outcomes and reduce the number of patients who return to acute care settings by implementing key interventions.

What makes us different

Examples of our innovative approach include:


Nurse Liaisons

     Nurse Liaisons facilitate communication between facilities and providers, and ensure a smooth transition of care and prompt interchange between care providers. 


Advanced Care Providers

     Nurse Practitioners round daily in facilities to address any emergent or non-emergent needs in a timely manner. 


Physician Oversight

     Physicians round weekly, with a minimum of 2 physicians per building, to provide care oversight and ensure optimal service delivery.


In-house Specialty Consults

     Spectrum’s network of specialty consults continues to grow and allows for prompt intervention by experts in the fields of infectious disease, nephrology, endocrinology and mental health services.

Home Nurse Examining Patient