Healthcare solutions for today's world:

Our Goal

     Hospitals are under increasing pressure to discharge patients in a timely manner. Yet, often patients leaving the hospital still require a high level of care. Spectrum’s goal is to provide excellent post-acute care resulting in reducing readmissions. Our goal is to ensure the rate of return to acute care (RTA) is less than 15%, which is below the national average of 17.5%. 


     The effectiveness of our model has been proven, as all of our facilities have seen a decrease in RTA with the implementation of our services. Most of our facilities have seen RTA rates fall below 10%.


     While we are proud of the changes brought about by our approach, we ensure that our success is both maintained and long-term. If a facility we manage ever falls outside of our stated metrics, we reevaluate key needs and work tirelessly to identify and address any underlying issues that result in hospital readmission. It is our goal to prevent avoidable readmissions, ensure continuity of care during transition, and to facilitate effective communication between healthcare providers to ensure positive patient outcomes.


     CMS reports 46-56% of all medication errors occur at a transitional point of care, so Spectrum aims to assess all new patients within 24 hours of transition to reduce these errors.