Partner with us.

     Spectrum partners with physicians, hospitals, and skilled nursing facilities, and understands the unique needs in the post-acute care settings. We realize that reduction in readmissions in not only valuable to the hospital and skilled nursing facility, but also results in improved patient outcomes. Our providers have relationships with nearby hospitals, creating optimal situations to assure our patients get the care they need and deserve. A patient situation that may have previously resulted in readmission may be handled with a provider to provider interaction to obtain the services the patient requires. We are happy to discuss ways in which we can improve your patients' post-acute care outcomes.  


     Our model allows Spectrum to contract with hospital facilities without any financial commitment. Spectrum works closely with the hospital case management team to ensure a timely and efficient transition of care. Spectrum will also follow statistical trends in readmission rates and work with hospital staff to ensure satisfactory reductions in RTA. Spectrum will provide patient updates to hospital staff as needed.